should I take pre workout gummies before, during or after a workout?

should I take pre workout gummies before, during or after a workout?

So you've bought your first bag of Chewz and are preparing for an intense leg day in the gym. But you are now faced with a dilemma.

No, it's not related to whether you should do thighs or calves. No, it's not whether you should ask the pretty girl at reception for her number.

It's whether to eat your pre workout gummiess before or after your workout. And no, these are not the sweets of your childhood where you would mutilate their bodies in the sun.

We will chew, excuse the commercial pun, our way through this question.


Why should you eat pre workout gummies pre-workout?

The jury is still out on this one, but we believe pre workout gummies will give you Popeye energy before a cardio workout. Of course, the same applies to running and multisport races.

Eating pre workout gummies 30-45 minutes before your work allows your body to digest the energy and fill up your energy tank. Remember that our pre workout gummies contain fast-digesting carbs.

The nutrients inside will increase your insulin levels which in turn will help with protein synthesis. Bodybuilders eat pre workout gummies to increase their endurance during an intense exercise workout.

Another energy secret in our pre workout gummies formula is that the sugar boosts your glucose levels ahead of your workout. And converting glucose into energy will immediately boost performance. 

And it is not just glucose that gets stored up; your carbohydrates will also get a fast-acting boost. One of the other benefits of pre workout gummies before a workout is avoiding gas. Unlike many of the mainstream protein shakes and "nutrition", pre workout gummies do not result in an upset stomach and nasty gas. So you avoid those embarrassing moments in front of your gym trainer.

As you are also in control of your caffeine intake, you can avoid caffeine jitters. So maybe for your body, you can eat 3 pre workout gummies before getting jitters, and thus you are better able to control your caffeine levels. In fact, some of our customers boasted that our pre workout gummies made them do more bench presses than they previously thought possible. We feel a bit like a modern-day Getafix minus the Gandalf beard.


Why should you eat a pre workout gummy during a workout?

During that intense workout, you will have hungry muscles whilst you are burning off your fat and building muscle. And your muscles aren't asking for a Five Guys milkshake with extra cream to sate their huner. No, they need fuel to replenish glycogen stores, and they needed it yesterday.

That's where pre workout gummies come in. They contain glycogen, which is quickly absorbed into your muscle cells.


Are pre workout gummies good after a workout?

Apart from avoiding post-workout fatigue, pre workout gummies also help repair and build muscle during recovery. Remember that lifting weights and working out causes micro-tears in your muscles. These micro-traumas alert your body that you need nutrients, particularly amino acids, to repair them.

And amino acids = pre workout gummies.

Of course, you can eat foods like sweet potatoes, brown rice even white bread (but we don't recommend white bread for health reasons) to replenish these nutrients in the short term. However, it takes longer for your digestion to break down the foods and process them in your body. So best to eat these foods at a later stage. Athletes also have a taste for pre workout gummies as they avoid post-workout soreness.



So what's the verdict in the end.

Well, its a bit of everything. We would recommend eating pre workout gummies during all periods of your workout so that your body gets the full value.




How many pre workout gummies should I eat?

It depends on several factors like:

  • Your body weight
  • What type of exercise do you intend to do
  • How long your workout is for

But as a general rule, we would recommend the following:

  • 3 Gummies - Suitable for a quick workout or evening run.
  • 5 Gummies - Suitable for a lunchtime gym session or cycle.
  • 7 Gummies - Suitable for a morning run, bike or workout.
  • 10 Gummies - Suitable for a HIIT session or hard workouts

To maintain a healthy living, we advise against eating pre workout gummies hand over fist.


Do you have chocolate flavour?

No, at the moment, we just have a sour lemon flavour.


How many calories are there per 10 Gummy Serving?

Energy KCal - 99

KJ - 416


Are your pre workout gummies healthy?

Very much so. And the good thing is that they avoid making you fat vs eating foods like candy or chocolate. Of course, we would not advise eating them like regular food in huge helpings but more as an alternative to mainstream supplements.


Are gummy worms the same as pre workout gummies?

No, gummy worms are a pre-workout supplement that comes in the form of a powder used to make a pre-workout shake. Honestly, its a bit annoying why they would describe a powder as a worm.


Can pre workout gummies replace my protein diet shake?

No, pre workout gummies are a healthy alternative to sugar to give one energy.


Why not eat just fruit?

You can, but you would have to eat a variety of fruits in specific quantities to get the nutrition benefits and carbs that pre workout gummies provide.

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