Why does pre workout make me itchy?

Why does pre workout make me itchy?

If you're a fitness enthusiast, chances are you've tried pre-workout supplements to help you power through your workouts. However, one common side effect of pre-workout supplements is itchiness. You may experience tingling or prickling sensations on your skin after taking a pre-workout supplement, and in some cases, it can be quite uncomfortable. 

If you’re taking our gummies chances are the itchiness is little to none since you are able to easily self dose. We always recommend to start with a couple and scale up or down from there depending on your body’s sensitivity to pre-workout. 


Beta-alanine is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements that's known for its ability to boost muscle endurance. Most pre-workouts will have this ingredient. However, it can also cause itchiness. When you take beta-alanine, it increases the levels of a molecule called carnosine in your muscles. This can cause nerves in your skin to become more sensitive, leading to the itchy sensation. Again if this is the case and you’re taking CHEWZ then simply try reducing the quantity of gummies you’re taking before a workout.


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is another ingredient in pre-workout supplements that can cause itchiness. Vitamin B3 is a good supplement as it supports you in getting energy from the food you eat, fights fatigue and it keeps your skin healthy. However, Vitamin B3 , aka Niacin, causes a dilation of blood vessels, which can cause a sensation of warmth and tingling in your skin. 


Caffeine is a stimulant that's often included in pre-workout supplements to increase energy and focus. While caffeine itself doesn't cause itchiness, it can exacerbate the effects of other ingredients that do. For example, caffeine can increase blood flow to the skin, making the tingling sensation caused by beta-alanine or niacin more intense.

Histamine release

Some pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that can cause histamine release. Histamine is a compound that's involved in the body's immune response, and it can cause itching and other allergic symptoms when it's released in large amounts. Ingredients that can cause histamine release include beta-alanine, citrulline, and arginine, if you’d like the full list check out this article.

Individual sensitivity

Some people are simply more sensitive to the ingredients in pre-workout supplements than others. If you're prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, you may be more likely to experience itchiness after taking a pre-workout supplement. If you are prone to these types of reactions it may be best to avoid pre-workout or take smaller doses of it. If you’re unsure you may wish to try our free pre workout taster packs - be sure to always consult your doctor.

Exercise-induced itch

Finally, it's worth noting that exercise itself can cause itching in some people. This is known as exercise-induced itch, and it's thought to be caused by a release of histamine and other compounds in response to the physical stress of exercise. If you experience itchiness during exercise even without taking a pre-workout supplement, this may be the cause.

So, there you have it! There are multiple reasons why you may feel itchy after taking pre workout, including the ingredients beta-alanine, niacin, and caffeine, histamine release, individual sensitivity, and exercise-induced itch. If you're bothered by the itchiness, you may want to consider trying a pre-workout supplement that doesn't contain these ingredients, or simply lowering the quantity of pre workout gummies you are taking. As always, it's important to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

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